Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Camp Horses From My Youth

Gypsy & me and Dolly & Linda (my sister-in-law) at Kelly's Ranch

Fairy Princess (at age 2) of Kelly's Ranch.
(Beautiful chestnut half-Arab that died of colic at age 4.
I rode her only once.)

Morning Star & me, Princess's unplanned filly (age 2)
that was orphaned
(Arabian/Pony mix)

Kelly's Ranch's Stormy & me
(I wished I could buy him. Sire was Abadee, below.)

Abadee & me
(Dappled chestnut Arabian stallion bred to 4 of Kelly's mares in 1968)

Welsh Mountain Ponies Chic & Queen at Camp Sambica

Dixie (out of Chic), Queen & Princess (out of Queen)
from Camp Sambica

Benny from Camp Sambica (yearling pony)
(A very calm colt out of Chic)

Starblaze & me from Camp Sambica
(Very sweet pony, out of Chic, that ran fast!)

Queen & me from Camp Sambica
(She truely was the queen of the herd, was trained
to pull a wagon, and trotted fast! Comfortable to ride bareback,
but very hard to get into a canter.)

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