Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Roy Roger’s “Rider’s Rules”

1. Be neat and clean.
2. Be courteous and polite.
3. Always obey your parents.
4. Protect the weak and help them.
5. Be brave but never take chances.
6. Study hard and learn all you can.
7. Be kind to animals and care for them.
8. Eat all your food and never waste any.
9. Love God and go to Sunday School regularly.
10. Always respect our flag and our country.

Monday, September 14, 2009

R.I.P. Patrick Swayze

Patrick Swayze, actor, dancer, singer and a great advocate of the Arabian horse, died of cancer today.
Here's an article with some photos of his horses.

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Congratulations to Rachel Alexandra and crew!

Click for the story about the winner of the 134th Preakness Stakes, Rachel Alexandra, the first filly in 85 years to win the race.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Show Report

Yippee! I qualified 9 more model horses to go along with my 7 from two years ago, for the national championships. And...I've waited 9 years for nationals to be practically in my back yard so I could attend. It's going to be a memorable weekend with lots of model horse eye candy to behold!

P.S. I've decided to enter 14 of my 16 qualified models in the national championships.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Entered in a Model Horse Show This Weekend

This is one of my collection setups with the theme "Dig Those Groovy Colors". I also enter models in individual classes for breed and collectibility. It's my first show in 2 years. Hopefully, I will qualify more models at this show for the 2009 North American Model Horse National Championships, being held in Portland, OR in late June.

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In Memory...

of the 21 Polo Ponies who died suddenly on Sunday.

Click here for the news story.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Photo Copyright 2009 "DJ" author of Blog and Pony Show. All right reserved.

Friday, April 3, 2009

What's Your Story?

Test riding a former champion Peruvian Paso gelding

I saw this horsey questionnaire on a friend's blog, and thought I’d post my answers here. I won’t officially tag anyone, but it might be fun if readers passed it on by filling it out and posting it to your blogs with your own experiences, and encourage your readers to do the same. Hope you decide to play along! And if you do, leave a comment here letting me know. :)

(All horses/ponies mentioned were rentals, schoolers, or owned by friends. I have never owned or leased.)

1. How old were you when you first started riding? I was 2 when my dad sat me in the saddle on a large pony and walked beside me.
2. First horse ridden: Rode with an adult when I was 7 on "Shamrock" a mixed draft/QH, and by myself on "Dolly" (his dam) when I was 9.
3. First horse trotted on: Same answer as above.
4. First horse cantered on: "Honey" an older mixed TWH ex-police horse.
5. First Horse fallen off of: "Alfy" a roman-nosed part TB.
6. Most recent horse fallen off of: Same as above.
7. Most terrifying fall: Same as above. I did a somersault in mid air landing on my upper back.
8. First horse jumped with: "Shea" on a trail over a log.
9. First horse who ran away with you: "Alfy"
10. First horse that scared the crap out of you: "Alfy" because of my fall.
11. First horse shown: "Freckles" at horse camp.
12. First horse to win a class with: none
13. Do you/have you taken lessons: Yes, English.
14. First horse you ever rode bareback: Only Welsh ponies.
15. First horse trail ridden with: "Shamrock"
16. Current Barn name: none
17. Do you ride English or western?: Both, but mostly Western.
18. First Horse to place at a show with: "Freckles" 3rd in Western Equitation.
19. Ever been to horse camp?: Yes
20. Ever been to a riding clinic?: No
21. Ridden sidesaddle?: No
22. First horse leased: none
23. Last Horse Leased: none
24. Highest ribbon in a show: 3rd
25. Ever been to an 'A' rated show?: No
26. Ever competed in pony games/relay races?: No
27. Ever fallen off at a show?: No
28. Do you ride Hunter/Jumpers?: No
29. Have you ever barrel raced?: No
30. Ever done pole bending?: No
31. Favorite gait: Walk (now), canter (when young)
32. Ever cantered bareback?: Yes, on Welsh ponies
33. Have you ever done dressage?: No
34. Have you ever evented?: No
35. Have you ever mucked a stall?: No
36. Ever been bucked off?: No
37. Ever been on a horse that reared?: No
38. Horses or ponies: Horses
39. Do you wear a helmet?: When the rental place requires it.
40. What's the highest you've jumped?: 2 feet
41. Have you ever ridden at night?: No
42. Do you watch horsey television shows?: When there are any.
43. Have you ever been seriously hurt/injured from a fall?: No
44. Most falls in one lesson: none
45. Do you ride in an arena/ring?: Did during lessons.
46. Have you ever been trampled by a horse?: No
47. Have you ever been bitten?: No
48. Ever had your foot stepped on by a horse?: Yep, but not hard.
49: Favorite riding moment: I have a lot, but two stand out. 1)Test riding a former champion Peruvian Paso, my first time on that breed and first time on a gaited horse! Was a dream fulfilled just after my 50th birthday. (see video on my sidebar). 2)Another favorite moment was riding a Paint on a short cattle drive in Colorado. (I was 13.) Very responsive horse. All I had to do was hold on as he headed off the steers.
50. Most fun horse you've ridden: The above Peruvian and also some of the rental horses and ponies over the years. One rental, a 22 year-old Morgan/QH mare, was a willing trail horse with a smooth, fast walk. A real joy to ride!

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Some Quotes

"The old mare watched the tractor work,
a thing of rubber and steel,
ready to follow the slightest wish
of the man who held the weel.
She said to herself as it passed by,
you gave me an awful jolt,
but there's still one thing you can't do,
you cannot raise a colt."
~ George Rupp

"A horse is the projection of people's dreams

about themselves; strong, powerful, beautiful

and it has the capability of giving us escape from

our mundane existence."

~ Pam Brown

"Is it the smell of their body as I hug their long neck,

or the scent only a horse has that I can't forget?

Is it the depth of their eyes as they contentedly rest?

No, it's just being around them that I like the best."

~ Teresa Becker

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Photo Tag Game

Find your 6th photo folder.

Find the 6th photo from that folder in your files then post it to your blog!

Leave a comment and the link below under "Comments".

Here is my photo.

That's me riding a rental horse on my 50th birthday weekend getaway in Eastern Washington.
I rarely get to ride, so this was a big treat that hubby planned for me.
It was a perfect summer day!
(photo taken by my hubby on the horse behind me)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Finished reading "Wind Drinker"

Today I finished reading the book "Wind Drinker" by Jefferson Spivey. It tells of his 7-month, cross-continent ride on the Arabian gelding Mr. Sol in 1968 and also some about shorter rides he did on another Arabian gelding, Rajah.

Ever since I first saw the articles about Jefferson's ride in Western Horseman and saved a newspaper clipping with his and Mr. Sol's photo, I wanted to know more about this big adventure. I found Jefferson's book on last year and bought it. I'm not an avid reader, but do enjoy reading about horses and adventures.

This was an interesting book describing the people, places and feelings that Jefferson encountered while riding across the U.S. There's also useful information about long distance ride preparation and supplies. Jefferson has a big heart for the natural land and portrays the true essence of a free spirit. The book is a must read for riders and the adventurous!

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A First For the Thoroughbred World!

Born this morning at Norsire Farms, the world's first Palomino Frame Overo Thoroughbred FILLY!!! Only TB colts have been born with this coloring, until today! Here's the farm's web site .

Thursday, January 1, 2009