Friday, March 6, 2009

Photo Tag Game

Find your 6th photo folder.

Find the 6th photo from that folder in your files then post it to your blog!

Leave a comment and the link below under "Comments".

Here is my photo.

That's me riding a rental horse on my 50th birthday weekend getaway in Eastern Washington.
I rarely get to ride, so this was a big treat that hubby planned for me.
It was a perfect summer day!
(photo taken by my hubby on the horse behind me)


Pony Girl said...

It's a beautiful photo, looks like a fun birthday ride and makes me MISS summer! I like the new look of you blog! :)
Have a great weekend!!

"DJ" said...

Hey there Pony Girl!

Thanks for your nice comment and for being my first follower of this blog! I LOVE the new look of yours. It has so many interesting things to see! Very good work! :)

cowgirljlynn said...

Hi there! love your photo's of the Arabs! I am leasing a little dappled gray Arab named Albert that I just love! Stop by sometime! I'm pony Girls auntie!