Saturday, May 3, 2008

Saw the Filly Being Born!

We were up until after 3am this morning watching the new filly at (You can right click the video screen after it loads, then click "size" to make it as large as you want.)

I watched the camera off and on yesterday and just happened to see the mare lay down at 11:25 to give birth last night. The filly was born at 11:45, after just a few pushes and the owner lady pulling on the front legs.

Then we watched as they dried her off, put the coat on her to keep her warm, helped her stand about an hour after birth, and spend a lot of time trying to get her to figure out where & how to get her "breakfast". They even put horse milk in a syringe and gave it to the filly. She was and still is pretty wobbly. I read that she's very constipated, so they gave her an enima and might still need to call the vet.

Birth photos are at

I've watched web cams of pregnant mares before, but never tuned in at the exact time to see the birth live. It was pretty exciting! She's a lively, cutie pie!

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Pony Girl said...

That is pretty cool you got to see that foal birth live! Amazing timing. It's a cutie. Well come on over to P.G. for a visit because I tagged your for a little history lesson about yourself! ;) Have fun!