Saturday, July 5, 2008

"Celebrate the Horse" Report

After discovering we had a flat tire on our van Friday night, and no one was open to fix it, hubby needed to take the van to Les Schwab at 8:00am this morning before we could leave for the horse fair. He had to wait about 15 minutes for them to get to him, but they fixed it for free!

He came home to get me and we were on our way to the "Celebrate the Horse" fair in Puyallup. We got there about 10:15. We had a schedule of the events which were located in 3 places of the horse stable area; the main indoor arena/stadium, the red barn, and the covered outdoor warm-up arena. There were also food stands and vendors selling horse-related items, artwork, crafts, photos, jewelry, clothing, and advertising their horses, ranches, training, health care, etc. There was also the horse rescue organization "People Helping Horses" with information. This was their fundraiser.

The first event we saw was the Warhorse Challenge. They demonstrated using spears and archery on targets (stationary & moving) from galloping horses. We also saw a group of girls doing circus stunt vaulting on a black Percheron draft horse's back, as it trotted in circles. Other demonstrations we saw were carriage driving, horse training using psychology, natural horsemanship (no bridles), and horse first aid.

The breed demonstrations we saw consisted of trained Kiger Mustangs (from southeast Oregon), a trained Nakota Mustang (a descendant of one of Sitting Bull's horses), Peruvian Paso horses, Marchador horses of Brazil (demonstrating archery), Friesian horses & a colt of Holland, Akhal-Teke horses (rare, ancient breed of the Turks), Gypsy horses of Ireland, Norwegian Fjord horses, Icelandic horses, Andalusian horses, American Miniature horses, Warlander horses (a new breed from crossing the Andalusian and Friesian), Arabian horses, Appaloosa horses, and Welsh Ponies. Many of these horses did tricks and showed what skills they can be used for. We met this Warlander mare and talked with her owner who rides in full armor for the Seattle Knights.

We both learned new things at the fair. We walked through 3 barns and saw many of the event's "stars" and talked to some owners and grooms. I also met and petted 2 of the rehab rescue horses. They were loving the attention everyone was giving them!

Gypsy Horse

Look at that long, thick mane!

Feathered feet of the Gypsy horse

Riding Demo

Friesian and Warlander

American Miniature Horses
Very small Miniature Horse

Akhal-Teke horses and ethnic attire

Only 3,500 exist in the world! These 3 live in Washington.

(All photos Copyright 2008 "DJ" of Blog & Pony Show)


Pony Girl said...

Sounds like you had a great time.
That Gypsy Vanner's mane & forelock are simply amazing. Must be hereditary! ;)
Thanks for sharing your pictures.

"DJ" said...

It was fun! I believe most of the Gypsy horses have that long thick mane & tail as well as leg feathers. They are bred to look colorful and flashy along with great temperments.