Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hubby is home!

I picked him up at the hospital today, but probably won't be back to posting on here regularly until some time next week. He's being treated at home for Diverticulitis, a colon infection. Hopefully, he won't need surgery.


Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

I have enjoyed catching up on your last posts, loved the Shadowfax video and the natural horsemanship one too.

I recently attended my first horse fair and thoroughly enjoyed it too, so much to see.

I hope your Husband is settled in and on the road to recovery.

"DJ" said...

Thanks Lori! Hubby is better and we're headed to the beach for a couple of days R&R and visiting family that was already planned. He's getting antibiotics and needs to watch his diet for awhile, then more tests will be done.

Pony Girl said...

Oh dear, I hope your hubby is okay and on the mend soon. My cousin just had that, it was really serious. She had to have part of her colon removed and is using a bag for a while. I heard it's caused by a lack of fiber in the diet?

By the way, I have been to that Centerville, love that place!

"DJ" said...

Thanks Pony Girl! He's doing better, but needs a "procedure" done on Thursday. Then we'll know more about what's going on and what comes next. I've read lack of fiber as well as stress can cause it. He's a manager and has lots of stress plus doesn't really eat right or at regular times. He's working on that.